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Mood Mania

Choose Your Mood Theme!

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Collecting Mood Themes for use with Livejournal
Welcome to Mood Mania. This is a community where you can get new mood themes! :) Now, PLEASE realize that this is a "mood theme" community only. This is not a mood theme request community.

You must have a paid LJ account to use these mood themes, and you also need your own server to host the images. If you are having trouble adding a mood theme into LJ please check out our tutorial area.

The Rules:
1. Do not request mood themes in this community. If you must, contact individuals privately to work something out with them. This community is for the sole posting of completed mood themes and tutorials*.

2. Do not direct link to any of the mood theme graphics. If in need of web space,
Photobucket offers free accounts.

3. If a mood theme contributor/creator requests credit, please give them credit when using their theme. It can take a very long time to hunt down pictures, resize them and make them into themes, so please be gracious and give the creator some credit.

4. Please follow each contributor's specific rules for using their themes. Their themes are not archived on any one server and because of this links may change. If you find a broken link, please notify the maintainer or mods of Mood Mania so we may correct our listings. If you need the theme and the link to it is broken, your best bet is to contact the creator for the new link.

5. Linking to Mood Mania is much appreciated. If you use one of the moods listed here, please consider taking a moment to link to us (we have some handy banners below for your convenience) so that others might also partake of the fruits of our community.

6. Please do not post off topic discussions, quiz results, petitions, requests, community promotions, advertisements or anything that is not a completed mood theme that you have created. All off topic posts will be deleted.

7. Please post only one mood in a post. This makes is a lot easier to add to the Memories and archive. You may post back to back posts if you have more than one mood you want to share.

8. Please put the title of the mood in the subject line, and nothing else. Again, this aids tremendously in organizing the Memories.

* Tutorial submissions will be reviewed by the moderator and accepted on a case-by-case basis according to our needs.

Maintainer & Moderator:
catwithclaws (as of 2.07.05)

Linking Banners:
Please use these to promote Mood Mania on your website or journal. Please do not spam other communities when promoting us, and do always be respectful of posted rules.